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Iceland, there's an adventure to be had and a breathtaking view to take in around every corner.

Iceland, there’s an adventure to be had and a breathtaking view to take in around every corner.

Culinary Tours in Iceland

Iceland is a land of realized dreams for the adventurous who journey to this magnificent place perched at the top of the world. The beauty of its majestic waterfalls, towering mountains, and pristine ocean  is matched by the graciousness and hospitality of its extraordinary people.

After years of writing articles and cookbooks about Iceland, forging intimate bonds with its people, and exploring every corner of this nation on her own, I decided it was time to organize small, meticulously curated trips for those wishing to experience and connect with the people, landscape and food of this unique country in the same profound way that I have over the course of countless visits.

No other culinary tour of this nation offers the unique gastronomic adventures that my tours do. Each day is designed to ignite your senses, fuel your dreams, and inspire your sense of adventure.

Between dips in geothermal pools, fishing trips on the Arctic Circle, mornings of Icelandic horseback riding, and sailing sojourns to remote southern islands, you will enjoy once in a lifetime culinary experiences. Along the way, you will be introduced to the traditional food producers profiled in my cookbook North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland  for Ten Speed Press.

These visits will provide one-of-a-kind opportunities to learn about the fascinating culinary history of Iceland from the people who are sometimes single-handedly preserving their nation’s gastronomic traditions.

Jaw-dropping vistas of thunderous waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and smokey geysers will exalt your imaginations as unforgettable meals with some of Iceland’s most celebrated chefs sate your appetite.

I invite you to join us on this unforgettable culinary adventure.

Here’s a recap of last year’s trip.

Check out my Iceland Culinary Tours website for additional information.

My trips were recently featured in CNN, Departures Magazine and and were cited by Good Food host Evan Kleiman as her ultimate fantasy culinary vacation.

The beauty of Ireland, it's welcoming people, an devotion to its culinary heritage, local products, and traditions is unsurpassed.

The beauty of Ireland, it’s welcoming people, and devotion to its culinary heritage, local products, and traditions is unsurpassed.

Culinary & Photography Tours in Ireland

This winter, photographer Kristin Teig and I will lead a tour of Western Ireland integrating our two passions; food and photography. Each day will feature gastronomic and photographic adventures throughout one of Ireland’s most revered food regions.

It is here, in this land of picturesque villages, churning seas, tranquil rivers, and rolling fields that producers, chefs, and home cooks proudly embrace their surroundings; celebrating a bounty of natural resources and honoring ancient wisdom while at the same time looking forward to a food future that shines as bright as the electric blue water lapping Irish shores.

Over the course of a week, tour participants will meet some of Ireland’s most admired food producers, chefs, and home cooks who will offer a behind the scenes look at a nation in the midst of a culinary revolution.

As we taste our way through each day, Kristin will offer hands on photography instruction covering tools and techniques for food, travel and portrait photography. We’ll review the basics – ISO, shutter speed, aperture, composition – and apply what we’ve learned out on location as well as in a studio setting in the kitchen. Bringing a DSLR is highly recommended; however, those without one who are more interested in the culinary or book publishing aspect of this tour are welcome. In addition to technique, our conversations will focus on photographic seeing and creativity, and a few optional evening sessions will be available to those interested in more advanced photography topics and methods.

For guests interested in writing a cookbook, I will also host a few optional evening sessions to discuss the nuts and bolts of the process, from how to write a cookbook proposal to securing an agent, to recipe development and testing, finding your voice, working with a publisher, and how to organize an effective book tour to promote your work.

The indelible memories inspired by this one of a kind trip will be peppered with practical photographic skills that you can apply to any aspect of life, from trips of discovery like this one to intimate home dinners where an unforgettable meal is waiting to be documented as a nostalgic reminder that food is the elixir that enriches our connections to family, friends, and the world around us.

We would love to have you join us his winter in Ireland! Here’s a brief rundown of the schedule.

For a more detailed agenda and pricing, please contact us at or through the contact page.

I also lead shorter culinary tours in Iceland and Ireland for those with a curious palate but limited time. Tours are personally tailored to your interests and are a fun and unique way to explore the cuisine of both extraordinary nations. For rates and more information, contact or reach me through the contact page.

I also organize private tours for corporations and other organizations interested in providing their clients and employees with an extraordinary experience they will never forget. One complimentary trip (excluding airfare) is included for every fifteen tour participants recruited. For more information about my exclusive tours specifically tailored to your organization’s needs and desires, please contact or reach me through the contact page.

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