Fourth Floor Partners 

After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. - Phillip Pullman

It all started when...

Anna Painter met Jody Eddy on the fourth floor of their culinary school in Manhattan.

Since graduating over a decade ago, we've worked as chefs, editors, writers, recipe testers, and consultants. Peppered into the animated conversations we've had over the years about ancient cooking techniques, esoteric ingredients we've discovered during our travels, new technology that is transforming the way we cook, cookbooks that fire us up, and the chefs, scientists, advocates, trend-spotters, inventors, academics and farmers who inspire us (because that's what two food veterans get excited talking about) we've discussed the need for better storytelling in our industry.

This is the reason we co-founded Fourth Floor Partners. 

Your company has unique and compelling stories to tell: an unusual purveyor, off-the-radar craftsmen, an important green initiative, or a ground-breaking product. So many companies are doing good work, but they are struggling to effectively share their most interesting and important stories. Often, even the best researched marketing campaigns dull the essence of a good story, focusing on marketing data instead of what makes a story engaging to consumers.

Let’s tell your stories differently.

Let’s start by writing a great story, exploring your most important narratives from new angles.

Fourth Floor Partners brings engaging and creative storytelling to the food and beverage industry. Across multiple platforms and networks, we offer unexpected solutions and fresh perspectives through traditional and video storytelling.

We work with companies to help them tell their stories in a more effective and thought-provoking way, crafting narratives that entice, inspire, and instill brand loyalty. 

We will pinpoint what is different about your company and identify what your most engaging stories are to share with existing and potential customers.

We will look at everything you have to offer and determine what is different, what is important, engaging, and inspiring about your work but is not yet well known.

Let’s create solid, engaging written and video content that people latch onto, shaping a narrative that leaves an indelible mark.

Let’s tell stories that resonate.

Then, once you have a great story, let’s figure out how to market it in new, authentic, out of the box ways that will engage customers through multiple platforms.

Let’s create a dynamic narrative around your brand that will spark interest, generate new business, and instill brand loyalty.

We will talk about your goals. Which stories do you want to bring more attention to? What platforms will best serve your brand and engage your audience?

Get in touch. Let’s figure out how to tell your stories together.

About Jody and Anna...

In 2005, Jody Eddy and Anna Painter met in the purchasing department at the Institute of Culinary Education. During their year in the stewarding department at the Manhattan school’s fourth floor, Jody and Anna developed an appreciation for the often unglamorous work of professional cooking, honed their creative problem solving skills, and powered through it all with endless cups of coffee.

Today, after over a decade writing books, cooking in restaurants, and the like, Jody and Anna have banded together once again, to combine their shared passions for storytelling and all things food and drink, to launch a new kind of creative agency focused on innovative storytelling:

Fourth Floor Partners.

Anna Painter... 

holds an anthropology degree from Grinnell College and is a culinary school graduate of ICE in Manhattan, where she met Jody Eddy. Anna has divided her time between culinary pursuits and publishing ever since. Anna has cooked at Prune, al di la trattoria , and  Baked as well as in the kitchens of Food & Wine magazine as an associate editor and Martha & Marley Spoon as a recipe developer. Anna has written as an uncredited co-author for international brands (a ghostwriter to me and you), developed menus for restaurants and recipes for both Food & Wine and Martha & Marley Spoon. Anna wants to help you tell your stories in more engaging, creative, and thoughtful ways.


Jody Eddy... 

holds an English degree from The University of Minnesota and is a culinary school graduate of ICE in Manhattan, where she met Anna Painter. Jody has cooked at Jean-Georges, The Fat Duck, and Tabla and is the former Executive Editor of Art Culinaire Magazine. She has written six cookbooks, one of which won the IACP Judge’s Choice Award and another was nominated for a James Beard award. Jody writes for nationally recognized publications and is currently co-producing a television show focused on the meaning of food and storytelling for a major network. Jody is excited to help you create a narrative that will entice, intrigue and leave an indelible mark.