Conference Planning

I have several years of conference planning experience. I enjoy all aspects of planning conferences, events, symposiums, and festivals including conceptualization, talent procurement, fundraising (no, really!), topic identification, scheduling, logistics, meal planning, and design.

I have a robust roster of savvy, well-connected, talented industry veterans throughout the world who can fulfill every conference need.

Let's brainstorm the next event you have on the horizon together. 


Recipe Testing and Development

I have tested and developed recipes for global food and beverage corporations, individually owned restaurants and businesses, and everyone in between. I have worked with established brands as a recipe ghostwriter on their cookbooks, websites, newsletters, and other promotional campaigns. I have developed recipes for television shows and even for a movie, which was a fun and surreal experience!

I have experience developing and testing recipes for chefs, product brands, restaurant groups, cruise lines, retail outlets, and niche product companies. 

I'd love to work with you on your next recipe development or testing project. 


Industry Trends, Insights, and Connections

I've worked in the culinary industry for over a decade. In that time, I have been a chef, editor, author, instructor, recipe developer, culinary tour organizer, consultant, presenter, and conference planner. Through these experiences, I have traveled extensively, worked with many of the most talented professionals in the business, tasted the most obscure and extraordinary ingredients, witnessed the most cutting-edge technology, and been perpetually inspired by the talented people who are shaping the future of our culinary industry. If your company is in need of someone to identify industry trends, share insights, offer advice, or needs to find the right people to bring a new idea to life, I can connect the dots for you. 




I have taught cooking classes throughout the United States and in far flung corners of the world too. I love teaching and sharing with students the recipes, ideas, history, stories, and ingredients from the places that I am most inspired by. 

Subjects that are particularly close to my heart include Scandinavian, Mexican, Senegalese, Cuban, Midwestern, Irish, and Indian cuisine.

I also like to teach general cooking skills classes.