The Hygge Workshop


It always smelled like it was raining outside, even if it wasn't, and you were in the only nice, dry, cozy place in the world. - J.D. Salinger


has been on the minds (and in the hearts) of virtually everyone lately.

Hygge is a Danish word that in essence means creating a warm and cozy life by doing simple things that enrich your spirit and bring joy and contentment to your daily existence surrounded by the people you love.

Throughout Scandinavia, hygge is infused into the way people entertain, cook, dine, exercise, travel, dress, decorate, and take care of themselves and others. It’s a gentle way of living that fortifies the soul and adds meaning to each day.

Scandinavians have perfected the art of hygge living to such a degree that the word and its principles are being embraced throughout the world.

Hygge resonates with people because it is a reminder that even the simplest gesture can be a balm for the soul.

It honors the spirit of fellowship we all crave and also assures us that there is virtue in caring for ourselves in the calm light of solitude.



has been covered in countless publications including The New York Times, Oprah, and Time. The Oxford Dictionary even named hygge one of their words of the year.

It has also been the subject of numerous books including my own, The Hygge Life: Embracing the Nordic Art of Coziness Through Recipes, Entertaining, Decorating, Simple Rituals, and Family Traditions with Creative Director Janine Ersfeld.

The book was published by Ten Speed Press in November, 2017 and was recently profiled in Food & Wine Magazine, Time MagazineParade Magazine, The Detroit News, and on OpenTable

Jody and Janine, lifelong friends and collaborators who met at theater camp when they were seven, are the organizers of The Hygge Workshop, a pop-up studio focused on the art of hygge living.

Through this day-long workshop, participants will be immersed in the hygge lifestyle through hands-on exercises designed to spark joy, inspire fresh ideas, lighten the heart, and offer participants simple, tangible ways to infuse their daily lives with the cozy philosophy of hygge.

This dynamic workshop illuminates the meaning of hygge through a rich curriculum designed to stimulate the mind, fortify the body, and enliven the spirit.

The workshop includes a wide array of lessons, discussions, and hands-on exercises that touch upon virtually every aspect of life that could be enhanced through the principles of hygge.

The workshop can be tailored to the ethos, time constraints, and needs of each individual location.

Along the way...

participants will engage in lively conversation kindled by a hygge-filled day of laughter, mindfulness, camaraderie, and generosity.

The Hygge Workshop is designed to be thought-provoking, uplifting, inclusive, enriching, and fun.

Hands-on lessons...

give participants the opportunity to learn first-hand how to illuminate the magic of hygge in their lives and in the lives of those they love.

At the end of the workshop day, each participant will float out the door with a deeper understanding of how to invite hygge into their daily lives... a gift bag full of hygge goodies tucked under their arms.

We would love to offer The Hygge Workshop at your location.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can tailor our workshop to fulfill your needs and those of your guests. It's also makes a perfect team-building retreat. 

Our rate is subject to the length of the workshop and the associated services provided. 


Here’s a bit more about why we are the perfect people to host The Hygge Workshop:

Jody Eddy... 

is the author of The Hygge Life: Embracing the Nordic Art of Coziness Through Recipes, Entertaining, Decorating, Simple Rituals, and Family Traditions, which she co-wrote with the Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl Gislason. Gunnar is the Executive Chef of the Michelin starred restaurant Agern in New York City’s Grand Central Station and also runs the Michelin starred restaurant Dill in Reykjavik

This is their second book together, the first was North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland, which won the IACP Judge’s Choice Award. Both books were published by Ten Speed Press. Jody worked with The Hygge Workshop co-founder, Janine Ersfeld, on The Hygge Life, where Janine served as the Creative Director of the book.

Through writing her books as well as working on various other projects in Iceland and throughout Scandinavia, Jody has traveled to the region over seventy-five times since 2008, living in Denmark as well as in Iceland for substantial periods of time.

She has an innate grasp on the hygge philosophy and is eager to share with others how living life in a gentle, cozy way will enhance everything from the way we decorate, travel, dine, cook, entertain, exercise, celebrate the holidays, and share time with friends and family.

Here's more information about Jody. 

Janine Ersfeld... 

is a Minnesota-based, internationally active creative producer, designer and director who has worked extensively within the fields of performing arts, editorial work, and education. Her ethos is simple: we ought to surround ourselves with inspiring, soul-nurturing beauty in as many forms as possible, embracing the elegance so often overlooked in our everyday surroundings, naturally framing our days and nights.  Janine earned a B.A. in English Literature from the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University (Collegeville, MN), as well as graduate work in Systematic Theology.  Professionally trained in ballet, Janine began her appreciation of set and design work mainly from years of her role as a performer in ballet and theatre productions.  As she began to focus on directing and choreography, her affinity for costume and stage design grew.  

Living for several years between Miami and Minneapolis/St. Paul as well as Europe and Central America, Janine has developed a tremendously diverse and dynamic sense of style and design,  inspired by artistic inspiration and excellence.  One of Janine’s passions is to identify and cultivate beauty, and her vision has resulted in wide-ranging projects with esteemed luminaries in art, design, fashion, literary and performance art.

Janine ultimately derives the greatest joy from both the process and manifestation of bringing to life extraordinary visions, drawing from countless mediums and sources to inspire and delight.  Her design work has been featured in print, on stage, and throughout the living spaces and wardrobes of many international clients.  Janine’s design aesthetic is derived from a sense of powerful beauty and grace, capturing a glimpse of bohemian elegance: determined to inspire emotion; balancing on the very finest line between the ethereal and wild, earthy beauty.    

We would love to include The Hygge Workshop in your program offerings or let us build a team-building retreat that your employees or organization will never forget.

We look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss how we could tailor our workshop to suit your needs, our rates, and other logistics.

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